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Wednesday, 9 November 2011



From 'Ambition' to achievement.

D.C. rapper Wale hasn't been in the public eye for long, but the Washington rapper is looking to get presidential with his ambitious sophomore release. Besides this is a hip-hop star who's released two mixtapes with themes from hit, classic comedy show 'Seinfeld' ('The Mixtape About Nothing' and 'More About Nothing') and managed to get Lady Gaga on one of his records when other top rappers couldn't. Now with more 'Ambition' comes Wale's latest.

From the albums latest self- titled single (featuring Meek Mill to Maybach Music label leader and Wale signer Rick Ross) to the former 'Focused' release featuring the growing talent of Kid Cudi this really is a determined effort for greatness and it all buzzes and blooms like the lead single 'Lotus Flower Bomb'. More explosive heat can be heard from South Beach on the club-ready 'Miami Nights' which is ready to really get the party going. The albums intro 'Don't Hold Your Applause' really demands an ovation from this 'Double M Genius' who's showing flashes of brilliance and 'Legendary' qualities.

Wale stands proud and firm footed with some worthy credits next to his A-list guest starring on this album. He holds Atlanta singer Lloyd on hook hostage with his velvet smooth verses on 'Sabotage', while his 'so sick' rhymes keep the cool feel on 'White Linen (Coolin')' with R&B leading man Ne-Yo. More ambitious effort is seen and heard on 'Slight Work' with raps latest and greatest newcomer; the Kanye West certified Big Sean. Rick Ross features again with Jeremih on 'That Way' but Wale still leads. He also doe his city proud on 'D.C. Or Nothing' as Sam Dew also shows he's something too.

With fresh kinetic beats and an energetic, passionate flow Wale shows more fulfilled promise going from raw talent to a bonafide star in 16 bars. Unlocking his potential Wale treads the fine-line between underground and mainstream styles without falling off the tightrope. From his hard working 'No Days Off' Twitter hash-tag campaign to the actual song itself to the rattling hit sound of 'Chain Music' Wale laces the hip-hop genre with more tight rhymes. Looks like he'll be tied down in the studio for even more in-demand music in the future. Ambition fulfilled. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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