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Friday, 9 December 2011


This year saw the release of the '10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' of this woman's worthwhile, classic debut and from 'Songs in A Minor' to 'Element Of Freedom' and other diary entries Miss Keys really has had the talents to help her become one of the best singer/songwriters of current and all time. Still 'As I Am' was the album that the R&B star was at her most seriously, sincere soulful self. The hot, lead single 'No One' was a sublime, classy chart smash, and you could tell from the black and white, personal portrait on the front cover that 'As I Am' was going to be an in-depth classic. Marvin would be proud from the powerful, heart-breakingly appreciative reflection points of 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' (which had a terrific second take on a Ludacris remix) to John Mayer's simply awesome, 'It's Alright' vocals on 'Lessons Learned' along with the heroic, female rally-cry of 'Superwoman' and it's world-wide inspiration to the love lament of 'Where Do We Go From Here'. Every track on this album was perfect from the upbeat drumbeat of 'I Need You' to the angelic, 'Saviour' off the albums 'Super Deluxe Edition'. This record is timeless like Smokey and Stevie vinyl's. All in all this take of Alicia as she is was more then just the real thing, it was the truth. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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