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Monday, 12 December 2011



'El Camino' is on the right path.

The Black Keys are hitting all the right notes right about now. The American rock duo have mixed all sorts of sounds and music styles to sell millions of records and garner some pretty big cult status. 'El Camino' is the seventh release since 2002 from prolific duo vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. Most recently they released the classic 'Brothers' was a commercial breakthrough and now the pair bring their creative, collaborative partnership together once more as they look to travel further on this 'El Camino'. This coupe utility vehicle makes for one hell of an album.

Mixing classic, decades back rock styling with some soulful grooves the Keys keep it going on the sublime single 'Lonely Boy', a huge track that should garner them even more fan company. 'El Camino' and The Black Keys would be nothing without cult, iconic producer Dangermouse joining them on the ride, and once gain he hitches the musical boards with a great sound scape for these artists to travel on. His co-writes keep this great road album alive on tracks like 'Dead and Gone' and the all singing, all shining 'Gold on the Ceiling'.

Going under and taking things higher this group push the envelope end reach new depths on 'Little Black Submarines', while 'Money Maker' is bound to shake things up bring them even more dollars and sense, even in this mixed up mainstream. 'Run Right Back' furthers the pace of taking music back to the good, ole days of decades and genre's gone, while 'Sister' will become another familiar favourite for the 'Brothers' boys. 'Hell of a Season' and 'Stop, Stop' keep the heaven sent music rolling.

This road tested album boldly goes where no bands have been before, trekking through blues, hip-hop, rock, jazz and more with fearless and effortless brilliance. The concise piece plays like one of you mom's and pop's favourite records from back in the day. This C.D. is deserving of more than just vinyl, this jukebox classic is worthy of another platinum plaque.

The super 'Nova Baby' and the unforgettable closer 'Mind Eraser' finish off this journey perfectly. It's going to be hard to not remember or listen to anything else after another great record for The Black Keys. As the tandem and Dangermouse go through the genres, decades, instruments and inspirations what we are left with is one fantastic album to add to a formidable collection. It's clear to hear from the back catalogues to the new records set that The Black Keys are going to keep playing for a long time. The road continues with 'El Camino'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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