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Friday, 16 December 2011


Common and Nas took it back to the mid-90's with the sound and even the artwork on Common's sensational single 'Ghetto Dreams' this year. Now with a new Nas album out in the New Year and Common's latest 'The Dreamer, The Believer' coming out next week. If that wasn't enough then 2012 should see the release of the pairs collabo album 'Nas.Com'. So let's celebrate this weeks 'Shuffle' with their classics songs going head-to-head.


I USED TO LOVE H.E.R.- Common's classic dedication to the game resurrected his life and gave him a career in hip-hop.

THE LIGHT Feat ERYKAH BADU- With his former beau Badu, Common turned on audiences and enlightened a genre.

RETROSPECT FOR LIFE Feat LAURYN HILL- Com's collabo with the Fugees legend is a hard-hitting education on abortion. A necessary listen.

LOVE IS- One of raps, most beautifully deep tracks. This is life. This is love.

FOREVER BEGINS- Epic, inspiring and influential, complete with Pops this is the real feel-good anthem.


IT AINT HARD TO TELL- It's easy to see that this Michael Jackson sampler is the king of hip-hop classics.

IF I RULED THE WORLD (IMAGINE THAT) Feat LAURYN HILL- Ms. Hill joins the G.O.D. this time for a heavenly partnership.

ONE MIC- Huge, ground-breaking, epic and thought-provoking. On his own and against the world with his microphone Nas didn't need anything else.

MADE YOU LOOK- The only underground anthem worthy of gun-shots ringing over it. Number one with a bullet, without a doubt. Check the remix.

HIP-HOP IS DEAD- In declaring the death of his genre with this classic, Nas actually brought 'H.E.R.' back to life. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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