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Saturday, 17 December 2011



Andrew Jones and company have Christmas all wrapped up.

If the endless cold or toil for presents isn't leaving you festive this year then never fear, a C.D. has arrived to put you right in the Christmas spirit. Andrew Jones 'Searching For Dandelions' record label has come out with a spirited release just in time for the holidays. Sure, not much beats Rat Pack record this season, but 'A Searching For Dandelions Christmas' is a compilation of the label's artist roster that is both original and a perfect homage piece to great Christmas tunes. From covers to new tracks this is the ideal accompaniment to a warm fireplace and egg nog.

Andy and Liz's Just By Chance open things up with the warm 'Winter Wonderland'. This great cover is opened brilliantly by Liz's beautiful vocals and the prolific Andy Jones is on fire yet again. He keeps the fire burning on 'My Christmas Card To You', a beautiful devotion laid-out delightfully by the artists solo side.

Then we are treated to a Just By Chance original in the form of the outstanding 'Walking Tall' which takes the group further. Over lulling and beautiful acoustics the pair sing in perfect harmony "walking tall/without falling down on me". This two minute track is short, but ever so sweet. Orchids of Borneo tread more ground on the atmospheric, instrumental 'Winter Walk'. Before we are treated to a 'White Christmas' American Country style, as The Ben McCraven Band team up with Andre Auguste for a whiskey smooth, traditional cut. Someone break out the Jack Daniels.

'Homily' is another original Jones great, as Andrew pays homage to those we should remember this festive period. As this great stocking, album filler comes to a close the reigns are handed over to one of dandelions youngest and best artists as Krystina wishes us good tidings with 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. This merry message is sung beautifully by a singer who sounds and feels more mature thn her years. With artists and releases like this done when other people are putting their feet up this Christmas it's clear the future of 'Searching For Dandelions' is one that's going to blossom. Its going to be a happy new year. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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