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Saturday, 20 November 2010



'The Lady Killer' takes a gamble and pays with new life.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 03: Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley performs on stage at the Best Of V event, which showcases artists from the V Festival line-up in more intimate concert settings, at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on April 3, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

He's one half of Gnarls Barkley! He's part of Goodie Mob! He was birthed with The Dungeon Family! Nah! Cee Lo-Green is as much a solo artist as he is a team player and if you don't agree, check the name of his big hit, lead single. Don't let censorship 'Forget' things for you however. 'The Lady Killer' isn't Cee-Lo's first solo roll of the dice. He's been around with his 'Soul Machine' before aptly on the Timbaland produced, killer classic 'I'll Be Around' and after the success of the Bruno Mars penned, funky 'F*** You' the green monster looks to murder the game once more with 'The Lady Killer'.

So lock up your daughters because this big man's about to hit the big time and it all starts so brightly with the fabulous funk of 'Bright Lights, Bigger City'. The singer crafts his classic croon as he aims to dominate the weekend and the music of Friday night singing, "Been livin for the weekend/But no not anymore/Cuz here comes that familiar feelin/That Fridays famous for/Yeah I'm lookin for some action/And it's out there somewhere/You can feel the electricity/All in the evening air."

If your lucky to witness the smooth 'Lady Killer' than you'll detect that it kills everything in it's path. On the upbeat 'Wildflower' Cee-Lo keeps the 'wonderful' pace of this album on course with a song that would make the perfect single. The stand alone, standout 'It's OK' is the next single however and it's more than just that, it's great.

The Salaam Remi produced 'Bodies' furthers the singers murder game. The Nas collaborator chills a dark number for the eerie sounding singer who sings a crime story with such genuine authority you'd think he was really guilty. Aside from some 'WHAM!' references this track really hits home. Remi and green man the boards and hit again following with 'Love Gun' a rockier number that kisses you goodbye with a Gene Simmons tongue, yep it's that nasty. If that isn't enough for you then try the next upbeat number on for size, 'Satisfied'?

The cut 'Fool For You' is idiotically good, harking back to soul classics. While Remi and Cee-Lo take you back to school even further with 'Old Fashioned', the old school that is. Class really is in session and if you stay after class you'll get a chance to witness 'No One's Gonna Love You'. This final cut on this mainstream massacre may just be the deepest.

Cee-Lo's distinct raspy, unorthodox voice rains proudly throughout this album. The same voice has helped the Gnarls Barkley front man switch it up between rap, R&B and all sorts of genres of music as he has crafted 'His Perfect Imperfections' from 'Crazy' to 'F*** You'. Cee-Lo has rolled out the big guns and after years of assisting others it's now time for Green to get his, most notably money and fame on his biggest solo set to date. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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