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Tuesday, 30 November 2010



Even with money in his account Banks is still hungry.

NEW YORK - APRIL 16: Recording artist Lloyd Banks visits BET's '106 & Park' at BET Studios on April 16, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Some guys really want it all. Even with all the money and fame in the world G-Unit's second in command and top lyricist Lloyd Banks wants it all. He's still hungry, so here comes 'H.F.M. 2. (The Hunger For More 2)' the sophomore set from the second G-Unit foot soldier to release after general 50 Cent. This second album continues the recent trend in hip-hop for sequel albums. Everything is reminiscent of Banks 2004 album even the artwork, which features the rapper in a similar pose. He's leaning on a street lamp-but on the other side-while the backdrop is similar but more affluent. Thus showing that Lloyd has had a lot more on his plate and after six years without an album this is true in more ways than one. This really is the other side.

Still however from the Tony Yayo assisted (just like the first album) opener 'Take 'Em To War' Banks acts and raps like he hasn't gone anywhere. Fighting hard on the 'H.F.M. 2.' first track in his hopes to regain the success of his first album. After this appetizing starter Banks delivers a satisfying main course. With no more beef with Styles P, he fills up fans with the 'Unexplainable'. While no questions need to be asked on the nasty 50 assisted 'Payback (P's and Q's)'. On 'Home Sweet Home' with Clipse rapper Pusha T, Banks gets reacquainted while Pusha T continues to push his hot streak. The two trade punchlines like they were the brotherly duo, and I thought Kanye was doing this to the T?

It's on the lead single 'Beamer, Benz, or Bentley' where Banks gets flashy and diplomatic with Dipset's own second up Juelz Santana. Reminiscent of 'I'm So Fly', the song may lack depth but it wont tread shallow water in the clubs. With a smooth beat, complete with sirens and a catchy hook, this is one check off the list that will bounce in the club. The other single 'Any Girl' is another favourite for the clubs. As Lloyd gets assisted by the singer Lloyd this track is a guaranteed chart hit like money in the bank.

Banks also teams up with super producer/singer Ryan Leslie for some guaranteed, mainstream maintaining hooks. On 'So Forgetful' Banks slows it down as he registers another hit. While the Leslie, Fabolous, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz collabo 'Start it Up' continues where the Kanye track 'Christian Dior Denim' number began. The acts who participated on that song come back for another grand design but one done in a whole different fashion.

On 'Father Time' Banks raps hard looking to make sons out of his competition. Then Akon provides yet another catchy chorus (how many does he have in him?) for 'Celebrity' a potential single that looks to make this G-Unit player an even bigger star. As the album comes to an end the set doesn't lose focus and Banks even looks deeper on the more heartfelt, super, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League produced, Jeremih sung 'I Don't Deserve You'. With this track, 'Any Girl' and 'So Forgetful' Banks increases his currency for hip-hop slow jams. A trend he first brought into with his hit 'Smile' off the G-Unit debut and doled out more with 'Karma' off his own. Banks however saves one of the best to last with 'Sooner Or Later (Die One Day)' an unofficial sequel to the standout 'Die One Day' from his debut album. A dark song that features the sequel starter Raekwon on another New York collaboration bound to reach across the five boroughs.

All in all Lloyd is guaranteed more money in the bank with 'H.F.M. 2' but that's not what the talents hungry for. He has success now he wants more recognition and after making it a double on his standout albums we can drink to that. The boys 'On Fire', remember that. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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