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Sunday, 21 November 2010



On his second trip to the moon Kid Cudi explores his musical space.

NEW YORK - JUNE 05:  Recording artist Kid Cudi performs at the Ultimate Prom 2009 at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers on June 5, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Will Ragozzino/Getty Images)

Ever since Raekwon struck lightening twice last year with 'Only Built For Cuban Linx 2' there has been a new fashion for sequels to classic albums. The fairly new talent of Kid Cudi decides to see if his sophomore sequel can better his original as 'Man On The Moon II (The Legend Of Mr. Rager)' comes a years worth of 'Days N Nite's' after his debut.

Debuting this set that goes up against the likes of Cee-Lo and Kanye in the charts is 'Scott Mescudi Vs. The World'. A geeked out chic track that features 'The Lady Killer' , Cee-Lo himself on a deadly, seriously good chorus. Cudi starts strong. It looks like this Pilgrims got himself a life. 'Man On The Moon' was no faux, fluke, flash in the pan. This unique left rapper is back from some David Guetta inspired holiday 'Memories' to help make those 'no Lupe Fiasco blues' right.

On 'REVOFEV' Cudi further displays his innate ability to sing and rap while producing futuristic hits with old school flavour. On this one Kanye West's protegee talks to kids. This uplifting song is Cudi's 'We Don't Care' and on this joint Cudi does repeating "I am your big brother" whilst harmonising, "Let go/life does get tough/no need to stress/hold your back too much".

Cudi's mentor Kanye also assists the Kid on the rocky 'Erase Me'. A different rap song and a different pop song that actually works and you thought their collaboration 'Poker Face' was a strange reach. In order for this Kid to grow Cudi reaches out to Mary J. Blige and new depths for two tracks. The queen knights the young rap prince on 'Don't Play This Song' and 'These Worries' two highlights on a flawless album full of futuristic light sabre strikes.

'Man On The Moon II' again reaches into the dark recess of the coming of age Cudi's mind. Even the interlude 'We Aight (Wake Your Mind Up)' takes us on a journey. Deep, profound themes of youth ('Wild'n Cuz I'm Young'), identity ('Mojo So Dope'), loneliness ('All Along') and life's journey ('The Rager') are explored as are more basic themes like drugs. This however is a small part of a bigger picture that is being painted, take a look at the album cover. Also see tracks like the lifting 'Marijuana' and the aptly titled 'Ashin' Kusher' to show you this Kid is no punk. As much as Cudi likes smoke he's at his best when dealing with another form of Mary Jane, so he can be forgiven for exploring the shallow waters of a dope for a couple of tracks.

Cudi produces a complete album that can stand next to or over it's part one like it was 'The Godfather'. Now can we please have the final part of the trilogy? Even at 17 tracks the album is concise. The cohesive effort brings everything from the first album and this together, pumping it up and lacing it up perfectly like a pair of your favourite sneakers. This second moon landing is complete with futuristic, Sci-fi beats and classic rap patterns that will take you 'Back To The Future'. By 'The End' you'll feel more reminiscent, classic, old school hip-hop and once Cudi is 'GHOST!' you'll feel his spirit. There is no sophomore slump here for the former rookie of the year. This guys one of the freshest men out there. The Kids all grown. Cudi be one of the best? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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