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Sunday, 21 November 2010



Roc Nations new signing looks to rock the world before his fall debut with a 'Cole Winter'.

Singer J. Cole arrives at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles June 27, 2010. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Jay-Z's New Jersey Nets may have missed out on the top NBA free agent (and his close friend) LeBron James this summer but still Jay had already inked a top young forward thinking player from his Roc Nation label. A young prospect and YouTube favourite J. Cole who hails from the basketball hotbed of North Carolina.

J. Cole however isn't a sportsman (don't get him confused with the soccer player) but he sure loves Basketball references and themes for his records. After his steller mixtapes 'The Come Up' and 'The Warm Up' comes 'Friday Night Lights' continuing the theme before his highly anticipated debut 'Cole World' hits stores this December. So lets speak his language because he's worthy of it. On 'Friday Night Light's' Cole heats up and shoots the lights out this weekend. Jay-Z's top free agent signing balls hard once more rocking the country from coast to coast.

On his previous mixtape. J. Cole gripped a bball in a hoodie with snow around him making his point that this cold rhymer aint to be played with. Now on this records artwork a ball player is sported with his head in his hands like he's missed the cut. Already we know this us going to be a more introspective number and even if this tape was Cole's debut album he definitely qualifies, suiting up a smooth, laid back concise bit of production. The perfect blacktop, backdrop to his go hard or go home rhymes.

It all tips off with 'Too Deep For The Into' with the bars, "Partially functional, half of me is comfortable/the other half is close to the cliff like Mrs Huckstable/these boys got them hoslters and clips they pack like lunchables". This cut really is deep and sets the tone for the rest of the 48 plus minutes. This tape is reeled with rewindable gems and punchlines that are so tough and cold, you'll react like you've seen one of your favourite players getting dunked on. Cole gets real clear in his perspective on 'Before I'm Gone' and with some range this J is good. As is the 'Back To The Topic (Freestyle)' that goes deep for 3.00.

This East coast star looks to the West coast legends to ball even more in the sunshine of success. On 'Enchanted' J interpolates Tupac's 'Hail Mary' for some mixtape magic. Cole continues spelling 'Pac on 'See World', where his and Elites beat samples and loops 'Pain' to the best effect as this DJ and rapper look for those up high, big league, Will Smith numbers. Jada would love it.

J. Cole has recently impressed the game giving G.O.O.D musics El Capitan Kanye West a great Friday himself with his stellar verse spitting on Jay-Z's little brothers 'Lookin' For Trouble'. That song appears on this tape as a great bonus for the fans but those fiending for more of the attack the rim persona of Cole needn't stop there. J searches for more trouble on 'Blow Up' where he ignites and lights up the competition with vicious blocks and jersey popping bravado.

This tape may be full of classic hip-hop music for the car but there are some radio plays on this official bootleg. On 'In The Morning (Remix)' with Drake, Cole smooths it out, singing and rapping with the in his own league, Toronto power player. The ladies will love this cool number from Jermaine.

This kid is hot and in demand like this tape. The second most searched topic on Google and Twitter this weekend finds more heat in '2Face' which is good on both sides and 'The Autograph' which co-sings Cole's talent even more. 'Premeditated Murder' is another signature, killer track. So chilling, so cold and so Cole. J really has reversed the trends to fashion himself amongst the most sought after MC's. The game really is beginning to look like his.

Still if your not convinced by this blowout then realise that your defence will be finished by the fourth quarter of this tape. J. Cole goes from Rookie Of The Year to All-Star with his last couple of shots. 'Home For The Holidays' is uplifting even to those away from it all. While you'll fall in love with the 'Wonders' of the 'My Cherie Amour' sampling 'Love Me Not'. In the last second Cole drops his final 'Farewell' which is all net, scoring high.

As J. Cole heads back to practice he plays big in his last exhibition, repping his team hard. The playoffs come next and as this star looks to be champ we are ready for the 'Cole season' ahead. Cole's past, present and future. Get used to him. Raps fall schedule just got hot again. I love this game! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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