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Saturday, 20 November 2010



After 5 albums it isn't 'Just A Dream', Nelly's still 'Hot In Heere'.

Hip Hop artist Nelly performs during a free concert in Kiener Plaza in St. Louis on July 29, 2010. The free concert was given for those who want to volunteer to work at the 2012 Democratic convention should St. Louis be chosen as the site. A group from the DNC who is touring the city, also attended the concert. UPI/Bill Greenblatt Photo via Newscom

Nelly has been making hits for exactly a decade now after coming out of St. Louis and introducing us to a 'Country Grammar'. Since than in the early 2000's he dominated the pop/rap charts alongside Ja Rule with hits like 'Hot In Heere' off his neighbourhood friendly 'Nellyville'. Coming up on the mid and late 2000's Nelly tailed off a little bit with the dual release of 'Sweat' and 'Suit' and his last gold LP 'Brass Knuckles'. Still, however throughout this time Nelly has been able to build a home of longevity off catchy hooks and platinum hits. Plus his bricks and mortar and his bread and butter aren't showing any signs of drying up with his latest '5.0'.

This is because Nelly has hit big yet again with a slower (Or more 'Suited') number. 'Just A Dream' is a vintage Nelly combo of singing and rapping and trademark 'oh's' and 'yeah's'. In an ad-lib the kid is back! Nelly's been working on his music game as much as his weight game logging as much time in the studio as the gym. So what has resulted apart from some strong press photos is another diverse collection of rap hits for a diverse audience. Love him or hate him a guy like Nelly is needed as much as a guy like Jay-Z and like Hov once said "Only ones moving units is Em, Pimp Juice and us".

One time Nelly almost outsold everyone and as '5.0' starts to play Nelly looks to top any chart of ten yet again. On 'I'm Number 1' with Baby and DJ Khaled Nellz stunts and screams his case loud and flashy. With raps like "Fourth quarter/I'm going hard/if money's stupid my credit cards a retard" Nelly's got a point putting this track right next to 'Nellyville's' own '#1' stunner. With 'Long Gone' Nelly, Chris Brown and Plies exhibit great chemistry on a track that feels like it was tailor made for another Nelly/Jaheim hit.

Nelly gets even smoother reuniting with T.I. for 'She's So Fly'. A fast rapped, laid back slow grinder which grounds one of the finest moments for this album. Nelly also reunites with Kelly. Rowland to be exact on 'Gone' trying to rediscover that magic. Don't get mad Ashanti! The pairs 'Dilemma' however is following a classic, but still they produce a nice sounding track that slots right next to the other slow jamz on the relationship portions of this mixtape tailor made album.

As the album ups it's notches to the club it makes it past the door and onto the floor. Nelly suits up alongside Konvicts T-Pain and Akon for the 'Sweat' inducing banger 'Move That Body'. While the Diddy assisted, B.I.G. sampled '1000 Stacks' is a guaranteed money making, money maker shaking hit. Nelly and Diddy reunite to shake more tailfeathers and take that, take that, take that spot in the clubs back to where it belongs.

Nelly keeps it after hours, going it alone with the fast paced 'Don't It Feel Good' and the hard hitting jam 'Broke' keeps the big spenders on the floor, continuing that 'Tipdrill' theme. Watch that plastic now Nelly! On the Keri Hilson aided 'Liv Tonight' Nelly takes the party down south almost with a Flo Rida like hit. Nelly can be forgiven for this one however seens as Flo Rida (who strangely looks like a twisted lovechild of Nelly and Laurence Fishburne) adopted a style that Nelly put 'heere' first. Nelly's style of club jams and slow jams is executed perfectly on '5.0' and as the album finishes Nelly slows it down one last time for one of the best tracks of the album. If it wasn't for 'Just A Dream' the closer, 'Nothing Without Her' would of been good enough to be the opening single.

The 'Deerty' is back and raps cleaner audience can rejoice and for those who want something harder, take it easy. If your looking for real rap you don't have to look further than Nelly. Besides who can argue with ten years in the game and millions of units sold. Billboard's 3rd Top Overall Artist of 2000-2009 is about to return to his home on the charts and he's more than welcome. Let him in. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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