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Sunday, 21 November 2010



Lil' Waynes protegee shows she's much more than the next Lil' Kim.

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 11: Recording artist Nicki Minaj visits and performs at BET's 106 & PARTY's New Years Eve special at BET Studios on December 11, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

When top rappers introduce their crews the reactions garnered are usually somewhere between politeness and the shelves. With that being said however, there's just something about Lil' Wayne. 'Tha Carter' is a protegee himself too, the musical son of Cash Moneys Baby, the number one stunna, Birdman. His most proud sons own Young Money crew have birthed a big hit, ('Bed Rock') a solid album ('We Are Young Money') and a couple of great new artists.

Hip-hops man and woman of the year have been brought together by Dwyane Carter. First Wanye unleashed Toronto's top lyricist Drake, who may just be hip-hops next legendary thing. A smooth talking/singing, Jay-Z/T.I. hybrid who has more than claimed his own place. Second up with 'Pink Friday' is Young Moneys first lady, Nicki Minaj. A talent ready to show that hip-hop is not just a mans world as she wilds out like James Brown.

Nicki states her case right from the jump with 'I'm The Best'. An uplifting, victory number for a woman who's already had a long run of success before her first single and album promotion even started (See, 'Monster', West and Kanye). It's on 'Romans Revenge' with Eminem however where Minaj claims she can lie with the best, on a collabo so retardly great it makes Em's work with Lil' Wayne seem tame. She unleashes the 'Dungeon Dragon' and the foulest curses, spitting in the face of her non ladylike rivals. "I got bars, sentencin'
I’m a bad bitch, I’m a c***/And I’ll kick that h**, punt/Forced trauma, blunt
You play the back, bitch, I’m in the front/You need a job, this ain’t cuttin’ it"
Better not intoduce her to your mother. Nicki's barbs are sharp whoever their pointed at. Eminem hasn't been on a track so abusive since his own 'KIM', reference intended.

On 'Did It On 'Em', Nicki continues her lyrical assault after her track with Em on her competition. In using their careers as a toilet, Nicki gets real nasty especially when referring to other female rappers as 'number two's'. OOH!. Minaj really is wiping the floor with her opposition. Nicki softens but also lowers the tone on 'Righ Thru Me', a smooth relationship rap where Minaj doesn't lose her edge. Nicki remains Nicki and it's refreshing to see. Even gunning or the charts the rapper doesn't shoot herself in the foot or sell herself out.

Still Nicki realises to be the best, she's got to be seen, so out come more mainstream hits. When Minaj cools it down a little bit she produces some hot tracks which are as appealing as her. On the Annie Lennox 'No More, I Love Yous' sampling, sweet lead single 'Your Love' Minaj looks for a classic. While on the potential single 'Fly' with Rihanna she finds one. A song so smooth it touches the Rihanna and Drake banger 'What's My Name'.

On the smoother still 'Here I Am', Nicki introduces her deeper self. Then the track literally revs up as Minaj's raps moter on. Just like her label mate Drake, Minaj proves she can write, rap and sing. The perfect menage. With the perfect mix of hard raps and slower jams the extrovert, enthralling rapper proves she really does go both ways. The track 'Dear Old Nicki' furthers this rap princesses appeal, 'Darling Nicki' indeed.

Minaj gets even smoother, cooler and more introspective on the brilliant 'Save Me' which really rescues any doubt from your mind that this lady is a few hit wonder. On the Drake assisted 'Moment 4 Life', the Young Money husband and wife prove their lyrics score more hits than some joking tweets giving us something we can all follow.

As the album goes deep into the second half. Young Moneys draft pick doesn't suffer any Rookie mistakes. provides real heat with 'Check It Out' and this classic sampled banger is something you'll want to look up. It's Nicki's last verse on this single however that will leave any casual fan wanting more than a taste of this sugar sweet, rapping delight. If's beats knock than you know Kanye's production is going to bang and on 'Blazin' West does exactly that, taking Nicki north with some fire. Now as for Kanyes quotes on this track, forget about it, because believe me you won't. Kanye spits a mean 16, and then some. Now that's almost a magic 32. Chicago's musical M.J. slams the competition with this assist.

Now although the title of hip-hops leading man is still up for grabs (with Lil' Wayne and Drake deep in the hunt). In terms of females, Nicki Minaj proves fairly that she's the hottest of them all. She more than makes up for Lil' Kims iconic absence, starting her own legend. Also she shows she can rap as good as someone like Missy Elliott with her proper punchlines as funny and potent as the greatest Misdameanour. Nicki also follows in legendary, female rappers studio steps as she has a distinct but yet defining voice like the great MC Lyte. Overall Nicki shows that she's not only ready for the female rappers tiara. On her quest for the throne the alluring MC also proves she can play with the big boys. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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