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Friday, 2 September 2011


The Chilli Peppers still have it and are red hot with their new album ('I'm With You') and guitarist (Josh Kinghoffer) but it's clear they still miss John Frusciante and it's because of his creativity and classic catalogue that also includes many sensational solo pieces like this. 'Shadows Collide With People' is epic, vast, deep, dark and delightful, full of Frusciante's heroics on guitar and rich with his underrated vocal worth. In parts poignant and in others sorrowful, this album is beautiful and honest all the way through. 'Carvel', 'Omission' and 'Regret' make for a huge three of an opener. While 'Ricky', 'Second Walk' and 'Every Person' keep up this going as they don't let up. 'Wednesdays Song' is anything but weak, while the uptempo 'This Cold' really heats things up. The nostalgic 'Time Goes Back' really takes us to the good days, just like old times. Finally 'In Relief', 'Cut-Out' and 'The Slaughter' help close out this heavyweight album strong. Even from the interludes to the instrumental intermissions, this album is inspiring and influential. What else can we say but; Dear John, one way or another, come back. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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