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Thursday, 15 September 2011


In memory of Tupac Shakur-who has been gone 15 years this week-we pick some of his tracks for our playlist. Side A features some of his greatest hits, while Side B looks at his prolific, posthumous work. Rest in peace.


I AINT MAD AT CHA: If you aint a 2Pac or rap fan you will be as soon as this perfect piano piece tinkles in. This deep track is influential and strong like ivory.

TO LIVE & DIE IN L.A.: Los Angeles times personified perfectly by the city, hip-hop and young America's spokesman.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: What more can be devoted then what's said here?

DEAR MAMA: The deepest, deserved dedication to the one that brought us all into the world.

PICTURE ME ROLLIN': Even a decade and a half after death, Mr. Shakur still shines the brightest.


UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Epic, awe-inspiring and influential. Proof that Tupac's legacy will last generations.

LETTER TO MY UNBORN: An honest, heartfelt requiem of what could have been.

NEVER CALL YOU BITCH AGAIN Feat TYRESE: Tyrese helps finish a song Tupac was working on (and debuted 'Live at the House of Blues') perfectly with a cool, classy chorus.

THUGZ MANSION Feat NAS: Everyone's favourite posthumous 'Pac song is 'Ghetto Gospel' with Elton John and although that's a classic nothing beats this duet with raps best today.

BETTER DAYZ:...where when this man was still here. We miss you. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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