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Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Jezabel sets herself free.

'The Man Is Dead', 'She's So Hard' and 'Dark Storm', no these aren't some strange declarations, more like some creative collections from top, new Aussie band 'The Jezabels' who after a few extended plays are now ready to launch their brand new L.P.; 'Prisoner'. This band came together during their jam and cram sessions at the University Of Sydney and after some serious studying Hayley Mary, Heather Shannon, Nik Kaloper, Samuel Lockwood are ready for their graduation. The Jezabels beautiful and deep sound mixed with perfect tinkles on the piano and some in time rhythm guitar has given them opportunities for airplay, touring and award nominations. Still, now comes the real challenge as their CD gets ready to hit the shelves.

'Prisoner' opens up with the albums title track, a freeing release that sounds epic enough to score big on movie soundtracks. This emotive track is full of heart and is beautiful as the bands frontwoman, Hayley Mary. Still if you thought that looked and sounded good wait until you hear 'Endless Summer' that keeps the feeling of this bands growing status and this gone season alive. This Australian band sound in concert with other big, epic, feel-good guitar bands Stateside with a sound that's pitch perfect for an electrifying live show. The atmospheric, awe-inspiring feeling keeps on on 'Long Highway', a six minute slow burner that's effervescent and tailor made for a deep, long drive. As Hayley Mary sings lyrics with hail Mary passion her Jezabels back like a beautiful choir. Then the band get off the beaten track on on the upbeat one with 'Try Colour' a song that really brings light and shine to this artists disc.

The canvas continues with a classic look on the beautiful bloom of 'Rosebud'. Mary's vocals are unmistakeably unique and the bass lines water this track with life. As this bands sound ascends the only thing that comes down is the competition and the notion of them being a new band. Sydney's sublime new stars do it for their hometown as Hayley shows she's a 'City Girl' on another spark of evoking energy. Then these gender benders show they can't be pigeon-holed on the big and bold, 'Nobody, Nowhere'. After the heights of 'Horsehead', the Australian act push the envelope further on 'Austerlitz' with this deep, devoted love letter to their self-dubbed 'intensindie' genre. This cinematic influential, instrumental number is truly inspiring and intelligent. 'Deep Wide Ocean' pours on more vast depths for these Jezabels. This seductive sound is controlled so well by the bands leading lady.

After giving us more 'Peace Of Mind', a real 'Reprise' is what you'll be after and in the form of this and the classic 'Catch Me' you've got it. Providing you can keep up with all the beauty on this album, you'll really get to hear how good this band is sounding and looking. This up and coming band really show that they are ready for the throne of rock's elite this fall. Australia are known for their great bands like AC/DC or INXS but now this band are going to make their mark too. Not just here, but all around the world. Can you hear? The sound of a great band who after almost three years of three EP's now have a full album release that will lift them out of musical purgatory prison and have them walking the stages as free men and women. The key to the sound you've been needing lies with this album and these Jezabel's. Music just got good again. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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