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Saturday, 24 September 2011


Robin Thicke will make a warm and welcome feeling, Winter return this fall with the release of 'Love After War', the follow up to 2009's creatively cool 'Sex Therapy'. Now from his 'Beautiful World' debut to 'Something Else' the star has always released material as sensational as his wife Paula Patton. Still it was 'The Evolution Of Robin Thicke' album that Robin really evolved. From the first few seconds of the Faith Evans duet opener 'Got 2 Be Down' you knew this guy had soul and creative control. The lead singles off this classic, 'Wanna Love You' featuring Pharrell and 'Lost Without You' made sure Thicke hit big. As did serious tracks like the complex 'Complicated', the heart and soul of 'Would That Make You Love Me' and 'I Need Love' and the self-fulfilled 'Ask Myself'. The emancipation continued on the unbelievable 'Can You Believe', the big, old time bravado of 'Everything I Can't Have', the music education of 'Teach You A Lesson' and the hot-fire 'Shooter' that started a great writing partnership with Lil' Wayne (see also; 'All Night Long' off this disc and 'Tie My Hands' by the best rapper alive and the forthcoming single 'Pretty Little Heart'). Still the real highlight and depth of this album came on the introspective beauty of '2 The Sky', 'Lonely World' and 'Angels' and the beautiful reprise to '2 The Sky' that followed. It was clear this man had been through so much, survived and was ready to come out the other side flying. It was songs like this that provided inspiration to everyone including this writer. The evolution was complete. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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