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Thursday, 8 September 2011



Dude this rocks.

Jeff Bridges has always been that dude. From the iconic movies 'Tron' to 'The Big Lebowski' , the coolest man on earth has become one of Hollywood's best leading men and a living legend for the silver screen. Recently thank to the stellar 'Tron: Legacy' and the classic 'True Grit' Bridges has become even bigger, but this hasn't changed the humble, down to earth man. This hasn't affected him one bit, he's still the same dude and he still likes to indulge in his other love; music.

Following his classic performance in the country singer movie 'Crazy Heart', Bridges has been known to have real talent on the acoustic with his performances in the movie on tracks like 'Hold On You', 'Somebody Else', 'Fallin' & Flyin', 'I Don't Know' and 'Brand New Angel' off the sublime soundtrack. Now Bridges steps away from the Bad Blake character and picks his own strings for his self-titled solo album. Jeff Bridges great debut album 'Be Here Soon' didn't chart but his sophomore album has no danger of the same, unjust fate. Recorded between Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California with legendary producer T-Bone Burnett, this record takes you all through America and the heart and soul of it's spokesman.

Bridges kicks things off with the sensational single, 'What a Little Bit of Love Can Do'. The uplifting, sing-along song shows just what a little bit of extra time in the studio can do to Jeff's already legendary reputation and legacy. Jeff 'bridges' the gap by bringing in all sorts of talent to add to this amazing album. Everyone from Ryan Bingham (who wrote the 'Crazy Heart' theme) to country legend Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne are on hand to lend more country roots to this uplifting project. This disc features deep numbers like the atmospheric 'Falling Short' or the easy burner 'Nothing Yet' that help the core of this cohesive collection of cool tracks. Songs that track the progress of a man proving that he is a true singer in his own right.

This old soul gets heartfelt on 'Everything But Love' and introspective on the winding 'Tumbling Vine' , as the singers polished, leathery voice adds as much character to these songs as the man does to the people he plays in his movies. The blues classic 'Blue Car' takes this journey of an album further, showing Bridges really knows his music roots, blues, country or otherwise. 'Maybe I Missed the Point' hammers home the fact that this album is real music from a real musician, while the sedate and lulling 'Slow Boat' goes down as smooth as a white Russian. This perfectly cocktail of classy numbers is finished off right with 'Either Way' and the quintessential track 'The Quest'. As this journey ends you will find yourself and your musical accompaniment in a whole, new place.

Many actors have tried their hands at music, and looked exactly like what they are, 'actors'. Jeff Bridges however genuinely gives us a great album. He sounds authentic and real, simply because he is. Jeff's persona and artistry fits into the music perfectly, like a pair of good, old boots. Other actors from Hugh Laurie to Bridges 'Iron Man' co-star Terrence Howard have all tried their decent hand at music but nothing has been played quite as well as this. A perfect, award-worthy performance from a man that's going to have to make even more room in his cabinet and career. The man who could very well bring the lost art of country and folk music to a new, younger generation offers up something that everyone can abide by. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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