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Thursday, 8 September 2011



Counting through the classics.

Over recent years there has been a legendary trend for acts in concert to play and perform some of their classic albums in their entirety from start to finish for their die-hard fans pleasure. From the decade past days of Pink Floyd playing 'Dark Side Of The Moon' in the middle of sets, to Bruce Springsteen playing a choice from his 30 plus strong, classic catalogue, depending on the night of a tour. So now Adam Duritz and his classic Counting Crows band give their legacy making, iconic studio album 'August & Everything After' the live, 'Town Hall' live treatment.

As soon as the atmospheric 'Round Here' fades into the cheering crowd, their and your nostalgia takes you back to the time you first brought and listened to this definitive disc. Then 'Ohama' gives you a classic sound of America, before the smash single 'Mr. Jones' initials this gig as this signature sound is heard great live for this titles best record. The beauty of 'Perfect Blue Buildings' comes to life beyond stereo in an alive rendition, while 'Anna Begins' is a devoted, timeless number that starts off the second wind of this performance perfectly.

'Time and Time Again' this great group delivers and they and the crowd step it up a notch on the upbeat, uplifting 'Rain King' (with some epic references to Bruce Springsteen's 'Thunder Road'), before slowing it down for two beautiful ballads back-to-back. The sublime 'Sullivan Street' and the haunting 'Ghost Train' makes this album and live record what it is. The song 'Raining In Baltimore' pours on more feeling as it's referenced, out of order in the 'Round Here' sensational, story-telling opening. This performance couldn't get much more atmospheric if this concert was played outside to stormy weather.

Duritz and the crows get heavier, louder and fly through the album and shows closer; 'A Murder Of One' with every 'yeah, yeah, yeah', guitar riff and drum roll on this rock hit. As the Counting Crows kill it on this gig and last number, they prove every fan who brought this record and attended this show in concert got their money and memories worth. The group that many fans grew up with really produce fond nostalgia with their favourite, greatest hits. This Autumn release is 'THE' album for the month of August and everything to come after. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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