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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Alright...this isn't exactly new, but if you have been too busy trying to make a dollar to hear 'I Need A Dollar' then you really are missing incredible music at your expense. This American soul sensation has delivered arguably the best song so far this year. With his trademark, instant vintage soul that appeals to the modern mainstream. With lavishing lyrics like "I had some good old buddy his names is whiskey and wine/(hey hey)/and for my good old buddy I spent my last dime/(hey hey)/my wine is good to me it helps me pass the time/and my good old buddy whiskey keeps me warmer than the sunshine" it's no wonder this man is lapping up the praise, coast to coast, from the radio to the underground. The appeal of this song is like with any great records; it's something we can relate to male or female, young or old. Blacc's positive take on the struggle to survive is as motivational and as inspiring as old soul records from the likes of Sam Cooke ('Chain Gang') and Marvin Gaye ('What's Going On') and this rare quality is what will put Aloe in the exclusive elite company of the greats. If he continues to drop classics like this then dollars won't be a worry for him anymore. Time to pay up the respect. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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