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Saturday, 28 May 2011


Folks are talking about this singer soul. Josephine may just be the best new artist right now. For years shes been building up an incredible reputation as a soul singer wise beyond her years. From the release of 'One Princess of Cheetham Hill' to supporting Paolo Nutini this versatile, Manchester born singer is primed to take on the U.K. and whoever else in the world of music is listening. With a highly anticipated, long-awaited album in the works Jo has already blessed us with two E.P.'s over the last 12 months from the hauntingly beautiful 'I Think It Was Love' to this years 'A Freak A'. What these releases have given our ears is refreshing sincere soul, mixed with the foundations of folk music. Both Nina Simone and Bob Dylan would be proud.

Every track Jo has released via itunes or performed live at a variety of venues has been some real music from a genuine voice but the song 'I Think It Was Love' really shows this singers ability to craft a song that has both integrity and the ability to be a hit. You won't hear a more beautiful love song right now and you won't find anyone else in the U.K. right now with this much heart and soul. Duffy, Adele and Corrine Bailey Rae better listen up. Josephine lights up the speakers and engages the listeners with her evoking voice and lyrics. Northern soul has found a new sound. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


  1. Your music just simply kisses ones ears! Thank you... awesome x