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Monday, 16 May 2011


For years growing up I saw a pair of red shoes reaching out to me at the top of my parents C.D. collection all through the 90's. This timeless set from a women who grew up a town or two from me remains a classic. As Miss Bush releases 'Directors Cut', reinventing her old work I am hit with nothing but nostalgia and favourite, familiar, family memories as I take this C.D. off the top of the pile and let it play as an adult. Nothing that is, but that and incredible, inventive music before it's time and standing the test of it. From the epic excellence of 'And So Is Love' and 'Why Should I Love You' to the bold beauty of 'Moments Of Pleasure' to 'Top Of The City' this album was huge. No wonder everyone from Prince to Eric Clapton and even comedian Lenny Henry lined up to work with her on this. From the end of struggling relationship number 'Your The One' to the beginnings of the elastic 'Rubberband Girl' this L.P. snaps the notion that records of old times are bland and uninteresting. There's nothing quite like 'The Red Shoes' and the beauty of the lady that wears them. One in a million. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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