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Friday, 20 May 2011




Musiq Soulchild is one of Neo-Soul's proudest offspring. With great works in his collection from the albums 'Aijuswanaseing' to 'OnMyRadio' and songs like 'BetterMan' and 'MoneyRight' the successful singer has got creative with his art even titling his records in ways that would drive Grammar Rodeo's buckaroo. For years the Neo-Soul child has stood firmly next to his eclectic, excellent contemporaries like Maxwell and Raphael Saadiq and even the formidable females in the game (like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and his beau India Arie), but ever since his second number one album 'Luvanmusiq' and mainstream smash single 'B.U.D.D.Y' there has been even more love for this soul child. Now a couple of years and an album later Musiq releases 'MusiqInTheMagiq' for our ipods, tape decks, car speakers, club heaters and radio waves.

It all begins with something for the radio. 'Anything' featuring prolific producer Swizz Beatz is another attempt by the Soulchild to show the mainstream industry he really is something like his sublime Beatles cover. Just like his last big hit 'Radio' Musiq delivers music with chart appeal but to his own standard, compromising for nobody and keeping his integrity intact with this different, soulful, poppy track. 'Single' is another single worthy jam, as the singer tracks desire for a women he can't commit to over a cool, concise production. Meanwhile 'Say I Do' is a song that speaks volumes for all Musiq is capable of with strong lyrics over a rocking beat, all whilst the singer vows his deep dedications.

Then on 'LoveContract' the R&B leading man gets official with a "grown and sexy" number that feels like it could have been recorded decades back. Needless to say it's a new classic for Soulchild and souls vast catalogue. The same goes for 'SilverAndGold', a shining, signature ready made hit worthy of the weight of platinum status. Tailored with lyrics like; "And when life gets hard/I will be the cushion where you lay/I will I will/And when this journey gets you blurry eyed/I will lead the rest of the way" Musiq fashions another grand design. As Musiq picks up the guitar for some slow, soulful licks he give us 'WaitingStill' and it's timeless testament to love and time to add to the ongoing quality of this 'magiq' music.

On 'BackToWhere', 'DoWeHaveTo' and 'BeFriends' the singer brings the back to back to back, three-peat numbers worthy of an ipod repeat right before he shuffles through some classics in the last hand he plays on this album. If you wonder whether Musiq can keep the medium going with so many albums and tracks down the line the answer is 'Yes', as this thumbs up song tops the rest of the best. With lines like; "So when the world and the odds are against us/You won’t have to question/The answer is yes" you know Musiq aint playing, saying no the games, marking his dedication on his own score-sheet. Then the love singer gives the right prescription with 'Medicine' before finishing strong on the big, bass boost of 'LikeTheSun'. From the first beat this track shines so bright you'll feel like your in California (and not because of the Laker purple and gold artwork either) as son shines.

With this slower, chilled out album musics soulful child delivers a perfect laid-back, straight-forward album for the lighter, brighter sunnier season. It's the right album to press play on and just let breathe inside while you take in the good weather outside. It's getting warmer these days and right now nothings much hotter then great Musiq. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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