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Friday, 20 May 2011



Offering immunity to a new Diplomat, Cam' and his new Dip' drop a great set.

After a career that included endorsements from The Notorious B.I.G., contracts from Rocafella and the birth of an incredible group and clique (Dipset) nobody can blame Harlem rapper Cam'ron for taking a well-deserved break like he did years back. Still following some dynasty deaths and fallout feuds things fell apart like a Roots album and out came the milk cartons for Cam'. That was then however and this is now. The coolest of rappers is back and there has been more 'Diplomatic Immunity' in his camp as Dipset have reformed, anticipating a release date out of purgatory imprisonment. Still despite this Cam'ron Giles hasn't stopped working. His side-project 'The U.N.' has gained him a new hometown affiliate to add to his home-team The Diplomats. His name Vado, a lyrical linchpin. If you haven't heard of this guy then you just haven't been listening to good rap music. Now following plenty of hype and mixtapes Cam'ron and Vado release the long-awaited, highly-anticipated 'Gunz N Butta' album.

On the 'Killa' opener, Killer Cam is back going hard, threatening to murder the competition and everyone in sight with his lyrical homicide. Then on 'American Greed' Cam'ron and Vado eat well off their lyrical state to state appeal. There's more hot rhymes inside these two with the 80's crime drama, epic sounding 'Heat In Here'. Then on 'Face-Off' Vado and Cam' get to action swapping back and forth seamlessly like John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. The duo also go for what the ladies love like cool James with the cooling down of 'I-Love You'. With this and 'Put A Bird Up' it only gets better as hip-hop's new tag-team spreads their lyrical wings, flying through the flow.

It then gets harder and bigger with the Juelz Santana esque titled 'Monster Muzik' where Cam' balls like his college years and boasts about turning down deals like Dave Chappelle ("turn down 50 mill, on my Chappelle s***/Get your ice wet/lay down that slight bet/Word my word heard you'll get curved like a Nike check") . While Vado goes to Michael Phelps lengths ("I'm number one with the water I need to meet with Phelps") claiming to write thrillers "like Quincy Jones"). On 'Breathe' the pair give each other space over the bars for lyrical exercise over a respirator beat. Cam'ron exhibits a faster flow on 'Lights, Camera, Action' showing that despite this underground feeling album he's still a star because of talents like these.

Even when this butter sweet album passes the first ten, top tracks there is still plenty of heat left in these 'Gunz'. Vado expresses his lyrical dexterity and delivery on the twisted talented 'Speakin In Tungs'. Then Cam'ron comes back from holding his tongue for the big 'Hey Muma'. Vado also one again rips pages from his vast book of rhymes with the lines; "Hold up, let the Slime spit/Need these first three rows, let my suave sit/Icy, make it hard to see the time tick/Me and my dine chicks, with glasses of wine, lit/Yeh, your money can’t provide this". It all sounds like 'Hey Ma' just got a work over. Cam'ron and his Harlem protegee then take it back decades with the decedent 'They Don't Like You' for a track you'll love as Cam exhibits that famous, platinum Roc flow. Then the Harlem, Dipset lyric men finish strong, bringing back sped up soul samples next to go-hard deliveries for the closer 'Be With Me'.

Even with countless catchphrases and punchlines, Vado 'Huh's' and 'Killa Cam' trademark screams, Cam'ron and Vado keep it real and not cliched with lyrics of fury to go for days as they take out the competition. With Cam'ron's triumphant return and Vado's successful return the Dipset have killed two birds with one stone with a killer, cracking album that flies high like Jim Jones. Speaking of the devilishly hot M.C. with this and Jones great 'Capo' album recently released the sky is looking the limit for a group that almost looked destined for rock bottom a few seasons back. Now with fans appetites whet for the next Dipset album and Cam's second 'Killa Season', it's only getting brighter. It's going to be a real hot Summer. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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