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Friday, 13 May 2011


Your in trouble now.

Music harking back to the good ol' days has never sounded so great. These songbirds from Los Angeles have given us some old time Hollywoodland shine to the world of independent music. Vintage Trouble are a four piece band formed last year by energetic frontman and born star Ty Taylor and incredible, inventive guitarist Nalle Colt. A dynamic duo of Rick Barrio Dill on bass and Richard Danielson on skins rounds out this fantastic four. Together they bring together elements of Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock and Roll music in a perfect potent mix. Check out the vivid speakeasy esque, soundscape of 'Gracefully', 'Nancy Lee' for vinyl worthy recordings that scratch the surfaces of smoother classics from decades ago.

Dressed to the nines in 60's esque clothing that would make Austin Powers look like a hobo (hey, he's got the teeth down) this band don't just tramp through the old times, they place their feet firmly in it. Somewhere between The Rolling Stones and Sam Cooke, Vintage Trouble are helping spearhead a retro renaissance that is currently being led by music genius Raphael Saadiq. The sounds created from Venice Beach are about to echo from Santa Monica to the rest of the world.

Vintage Trouble are taking it back further then the days of 'V.T.' with their real recordings. The group have already dominated digitally with their explosive 'The Bomb Shelter Sessions' hitting the charts becoming the 13Th best selling album on itunes and besting even Rihanna and those Glee kids on Amazon U.K. hitting number five in the digital ranks. Fashioning old soul and rock and roll into their own unique, modern-day sound 'Vintage' became the sixth top trend on social dominance network Twitter following the band passing with flying colours 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' of U.K. music maestro legend Jools Holland's late night show on BBC. From their note perfect, every ounce energetic set, to the Mick Jagger, come Michael Hutchence, with a dash of Sam Cooke and James Brown swaggering showmanship of leading man Taylor the soulful rockers are capturing everybody's ears, eyes and hearts.

From engaging the audience with tales behind their songs and writing lyrics his father would have wrote for his mother Ty really has all the charisma, charm, sincerity and sentiment hallmarks of the classic performers as his band drop timeless sounds that from the first listen feel so familiar like they where recorded in yesteryear not heard yesterday. The group are about to support rock royalty Brian May of Queen in May, now that's one hell of a decree. So expect Vintage Trouble are about to become even more well known as their buzz is swarming the sound waves, the web and word of mouth. Tell someone about them. Vintage Trouble are about to be one of the best things you've heard of in awhile. It won't be long. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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