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Sunday, 22 May 2011


Over the last couple of weeks we have seen two great releases from Dipset rappers Cam'ron ('Gunz N Butta' in collaboration with new Diplomat Vado) and Jim Jones ('Capo') and with another album from their leader Cam' on deck ('Killa Season'), to go along with another from star Juelz Santana and 'Diplomatic Immunity 3' in the works for 2011 everything looks good again in the Dipset clan. So let's take it back to 2002 when the the best hip-hop crew/group to come out of New York since the Wu-Tang Clan released their first 'Diplomatic Immunity' gem. It's rare that any collective hip-hop album becomes certified as a classic especially when extended to two discs but this was. Off the heels of Cam'ron's Rocafella success and Santana's budding-star status this group releases a ton of 'Dipset Anthems' that were as hot as that single. Just to think that this was before Jim Jones became a real success and even before these band of brothers added lyrical soldiers J.R. Writer and Vado. Still from Cam's 'Purple Haze' preview to Juelz's heartfelt, humbling 'Who I Am' (you didn't think rap could make you shed a tear hey?) this album was so stacked, guest features of legends DMX and Master P couldn't compare to this groups depth (as good as they are). Aside from some ill-advised Taliban references (it was their way however of taking power away from terrorists who recently attacked their city) this group repped Harlem, New York and the rap world proud with anthems like 'I Really Mean It' and 'I'm Ready' showing these guys weren't immune to lyrical sickness. A stand-up release, grant yourself some immunity and get ready for the trilogy to be completed soon. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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